Blog Purpose

We will be asking you to post your weekly journal entries here for us to examine as a group. Please be sure to keep a copy of them to turn in as one document at the end of the course.

Learning is strengthened by study and presentation. As you prepare to present information you find that you learn it better. In this class you will be divided into study group sections. During the course each section will be required to do further study on specific aspects of the foreign relations history being discussed. These will be written up here on the class blog and the findings will be presented in class by the study group for class discussion. Your instructor (me) will be able to see both the group and the individual contributions to the topic as you post your findings here.

It is less important that you get everything correct as you research than that you learn how to study history. You will grow familiar with the difference between primary sources and secondary sources as you use them. Together we shall also learn from each other’s mistakes. It will be helpful, therefore, to keep in mind that we are exploring this topic together. The dead ends and errors of interpretation are all helpful parts of the learning process.


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